Monday, October 17, 2011


My Beliefs:

Here are some essential basics of my belief system (as of 10/17/11)

-Theism, and adherence to the commandments of God: Belief in love, faith, hope and charity. Worship as and where one desires. Religious freedom.

-Insistence on moral certainty as derived from the commandments of God and His natural laws, rights, duties, morals and mores.

-Traditions as the compiled wisdom of past generations, which are not to be changed suddenly or lightly, without long and hard reflection on the consequences – both intended and unintended.

-Federal, constitutional, and republican form of government, including the carefully derived checks and balances between the various parts as given by the Constitution. Close adherence to the Constitution is a mandate. Belief in subsidiarity, which places problem solving as near to the individuals concerned as possible.

-A mankind that can be good or evil, and cannot be trusted to “do the right thing” without laws, regulations, and ordinances, and especially their daily enforcement.

-A mankind that has not progressed in any essential mental, moral, or spiritual way since the beginning of civilization, and cannot be forced, cajoled, or shamed into any real progress either, at least for the next millennium or two. Man is sinful.

-Responsible citizenship, honorable duty to country, and sincere patriotism for the nation.

-Freedom in all of its forms: worship, speech, association, assembly, movement, and ownership (property rights). Exceptions are in order here as well: pornography should not be accessible by underage children; treason and sedition must be punished; slander and libel must be punished; and liars must be shunned, if not prosecuted, especially liars in government. Organizations that advocate the overthrow of the nation must be destroyed.

-The right of the individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, subject to the restraints of common sense, good citizenship and the law. To this end, the legal right to abortion (murder) must be terminated.

-The family and the institution of marriage between a man and a woman as the basic building block of society. Family unity should be supported wherever possible. Honoring one’s ancestors is an important factor in keeping family unity intact. Same-sex marriage must be prohibited.

-Equality of opportunity, but not equality of outcome. Redistribution of wealth for its own sake is an abomination. We must, however, care for the ill, disabled, and destitute using charity (by that name), and we must support people to regain their footing in society.

-Limited government, and limited growth in government sufficient to cope with the rise in population, and the complexity of modern life, and not growth in power, budget or personnel to further centralize the government. Reestablisment of effective state's rights is a necessity, as is the abolition of unfunded mandates.

-Traditional education, unfettered with the modern experimentation that has proven to be ineffectual, and funding mostly dedicated to teachers and pupils, not overhead “education experts” and unneeded administrators. The curriculum through high school should be pared down to reading, writing, English, arithmetic, civics, history of America, American literature, world literature, science, mathematics, geography, world history, and foreign languages, together with courses in trades as needed. The track system should be reinstalled to allow for students to proceed more closely to their natural pace of learning. Testing should be continued, with essay questions taking a more predominant role. The Federal Department of Education must be abolished.

-The university systems of so-called “academic freedom” and tenure need to be thrown out in favor of professors and administrators with a balanced view and desire to teach effectively and in an unbiased manner. Teach the students how to think, not how to recite the Communist or Humanist Manifesto. Reduce the budgets of Universities so that citizens can attend without incurring lifelong debt for themselves or their families.

-English is the primary language in America. Immigrants must learn and demonstrate proficiency in English to become citizens.

-Ultimate sovereignty of the US, its borders, and its institutions, is not to be diluted by world authority or by illegal immigrants or workers. The idea that nation-states are phasing out is wrong.

-The failure of the UN, or any such organization of nations to perform world government. The UN should be marginalized to its effective elements. There is an insufficient number of moral nations to effect world government on a democratic basis.

-Security for the US, both internally and externally. For this purpose we need strong, well-disciplined, coordinated federal, state and local police forces. We need National Guard forces in each state.

-The armed forces of the US should be well-equipped, and large enough to fight 2½ wars simultaneously while maintaining the defenses of the nation at home. Weapons research, development and production should allow for replacement and modernization throughout the forces in a timely manner. We should continue to seek peace through strength.

-Capitalism, and free trade throughout the world, but not collectivism ever!  Free markets with reasonable regulation to prevent abuses.

-Proactive pursuit of freedom and democracy for all, but carefully limited in overseas commitments.

-Fighting terrorism wherever it arises. Subduing by force and eventually pacifying the remainder of Islamic Fundamentalists within the US is important to the reduction of terrorism.

National service of two years by all before the age of 35 is imperative, and can be satisfied through support to local, state or federal service organizations or the military.

-Voluntary association of free, democratic nations to promote peace, free trade, and the well-being of their citizens, as well as to promote their common defense, instead of reliance on the UN.

-Financial prudence and a strong thrust to balance the budget are imperative, as well as to materially reduce the natonal debt. A halt on costly legislation should be established until such time as our debt is under control.

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