Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Why the rejection of Obama and the Democrats?

#1 is the fact of the terrible economy, jobs, and national debt.
#2 is the image of tax and spend, spend, spend, with no visible and cheering impact on #1.
#3 is the image of a Leftist social agenda that impacts the economy without compensations.
#4 is the image of a disasterous and servile foreign policy that makes patriots cringe and friendly nations disgusted and disappointed.
#5 is the image of it being campaign time, party time, golf time, and vacation time on our dollar to excess in a belt-tightening era.
#6 is the image of being soft on Islam and Palestine to the detrement of Israel.
#7 is the image of being soft on illegal aliens, and supportive of amnesty.
#8 is the unsavory crowd of White House and Department lackeys pulling off illegal stunts.
#9 is the image and dread of more years of the same.
#10 other factors of far less impact.



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