Monday, August 30, 2010


Tea Party Movement Rocks!

The People's Revolt for Sanity in Government

It should be obvious by now to the most dense partisan that the current government is in dire straits. The turnouts at various Tea Party Events, including Beck's "Restoring Honor" demonstration last Saturday, show clearly that we the people are on the march for real change far away from what this Obama crowd is delivering.

That the media have been downplaying the size of the crowds is laughable! Anybody could see with their own eyes that hundreds of thousands of men and women of all races, creeds, and colors were participating lustily in these rallies and filling up the Mall. For each one of thes participants, I would conjecture that another 100 wanted to attend, and cheered their closest march event on from afar. The message is that upwards of 100 million voters are totally discontent with the way things are, and are itching to vote in November against Obama and all that he stands for. Many Independents are saying that even Republicans couldn't this bad!

Meanwhile our president is known more for his vacations than for his steering of the ship of state into reefs and sandbars, both situations being to our deficit. Speaking of which, the monitary deficit is increasing under Obama, if only because he allows the idiots in charge of the Congress to manufacture bills no one reads until after they have become law--and he signs them, unread as well.

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