Monday, August 23, 2010


Brief Comments on the Day

The Mosque at Ground Zero
I agree that the Muslims have a right to build a mosque or a gathering center. I believe it is grossly insensitive for them to select a site so near the 9/11 attack by Muslims. I also believe that any so-called religion has as its basic tenet that they should rule over everyone must not be coddled in the US. We didn't sign up for an underhanded manner of subverting the nation in the name of Allah.

Attitudes Being Expressed
Too many Americans seem to have sympathy for Muslims and the religion of Islam. The problem is that Islam has two faces to its members, and a frightening face to unbelievers: that of a religion; and, that of a governing body with its own lawbook--Shariah. They want Shariah in the US. We do not want to have Shariah introduced in the US. Major conflict here!

Iran versus Israel
A number of well-informed watchers have stated that it is a 50-50 bet that Israel will attack Iran before the end of this year. The problem with this is Iran's possible reaction involving the US, thus taking us to war.
At the end of the day, if Iran does obtain nuclear weapons we will face a far larger threat to our nation and way of life, I believe. Watch for it!

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