Wednesday, September 22, 2010


World Government is a Pipedream

Global Governance?

Managing the non-democratic rogues and cowboys in the world by creating a democratic super-institution is clearly a fool’s goal: look at the UN and the EU! Then too, creating a “club” of big nations to exercise control over the ungainly and unprincipaled lot of nations is likewise foolhardy, and decidedly undemocratic. The world is not ready for a central super-government with the power to enforce its decrees, and we would be more than foolish to champion such a move; we would be acting against, or even more strongly, violating, the well-being and the wishes of our own citizens, our Constitution, and our sovereignty.

It is obvious that among the “club members” would have to be China, Russia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India and Iran, which is a collection of nations that have little regard for the US or for international government, unless, perhaps, it is they that govern, some by way of religious dictates. Two blocks of nations stand in the way as well: the Africans and the Islamic nations, that tend to vote as blocks. The idea that all nations can be treated as sovereign individuals over which we can impose a strong government along the lines of republicanism (or even blatantly totalitarian, which may well evolve in the end!) is not only dangerous to us, but also impractical and immoral on the face of it! We cannot seem to stop nuclear proliferation today, for example, despite the best intentions and commitments of major nations, and I seriously doubt we will be able to tomorrow, either.

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