Friday, September 10, 2010


The Islam Question-- A Summary View

What do we do?

1. There are many peaceful Muslims residing in over 65 Islamic nations and in just about every other nation in the world. Their population exceeds 1 billion people.
2. There are many violent Muslims.
3. There are many wretched Muslims that will do almost anything for money, such as to pick up an AK-47 and fire at our troops.
4. Absent the possession in hand of a smoking AK-47 or an RPG, we cannot readily determine which Muslims are violent from those that are peaceful. Peaceful Muslims have been of little help in identifying bad ones.
5. Some Muslims have been are still performing and planning to perform acts of terrorism and death on US citizens.
6. For the fundamentalist Muslims there is a duty to perform—Jihad. This segment of Muslims is not small, but estimates of their number are not reliable, seemingly ranging from a few hundred to many thousands.
7. For those Muslims that promote the idea of a new caliphate, there is a plan of action to use a stealth Jihad against their target nations, and eventually to take those nation over in the name of Allah. This segment of Muslims is not small either.
8. There is no way to determine by observation or inquiry which US Muslims are actually serving Allah first and foremost, and only secondarily at best America, from those who have become Americans through and through, and do not ascribe to the radical fundamentalist tenets of Islam, and hence are no threat to us.
9. Some Muslims have become true citizens of the US and will fight and die for their adopted nation (or their nation of birth). Some Muslims are merely abiding their time until they are called to attack us. Some Muslims cannot wait for the word, and proceed to attack us on their own.
10. We in the US have a serious problem. We have an enemy that is among us, and they cannot be ferreted out by simple means. To wait for them to strike merely assures them that some of their attacks will strike home and kill our citizens. Their numbers in the US are large and growing: the estimates of their number ranges from 2 million to 6 million. The most definitive number is over 4 million that have signed up to the Interfaith Church, while our census reports only about 2 million. How many of these Muslims are “bad”? Why the discrepancy in numbers?
11. It is already the case that our law enforcement organizations cannot begin to keep track of all the “bad Muslims” in the nation, not even a hundredth of them. We are therefore at risk every day for suicidal terrorist attacks from the bad Muslims.
12. We can observe their actions in the EU and UK, and easily conclude that they are gradually imposing their will on the nations there. The latest French day where thousands of Muslims took over the streets of Paris is a sign of their strength and progress to plan.
13. The number of mosques in the US is variously reported as about 1,200 to 10,000, if all small enclaves are counted along with those meeting in storefronts and other odd places. It has been reported that there are 100 mosques in New York City alone, and many more are planned. The GZM is merely the latest and most insensitive, publicized example.
14. So what should we in America do about this Islam Question? I have read of answers that range from “nothing” to “expulsion of all Muslims.”
All, meaning literally all that profess to be Muslims, including American blacks that belong to the Nation of Islam.

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