Monday, October 18, 2010


The Rise in Anti-Muslim Sentiment

That there is a rise in feelings is not a question, and there are several reasons for it!

I would call out the Muslims themselves that have demonstrated many times their willingness to terrorize the West, and the MSM that daily publishes the horrific acts of these Muslims as the basis for the rise in anti-Muslim sentiment in America. It takes little imagination to transfer the acts of sabotage and mass murder around the world by Muslims into the very real possibility of such actions being undertaken here in the US by Jihadists. This is confirmed in many minds when we actually do experience acts of terrorism in the US itself or on US property and people overseas, for which there are extensive lists for all to read. There is far too much wishful thinking concerning the benign intentions of Muslims/Jihadists and their supposed inability to hit the US hard today as they did on 9/11/01.

Those apologists who keep on saying it is a very small group of Muslims that is active in Jihad should reexamine the reporting in Iraq over time, where tens of thousands of them faced our troops. It is a small step from slipping Jihadists into Iraq to slipping them into the US via Mexico or Canada and thence to welcoming Islamic communities here, and these groups are well-financed with petrodollars. The hard fact is we do not know what the exact level of threat is that they pose to us, but it most certainly is not benign, and it must be ferreted out.

To the degree that our efforts to close the borders to illegal entrants have been put on go-slow, and to the degree that our police forces throughout the nation have been severely hobbled in finding and deporting illegals of all stripes by this administration and its far too liberal State Department, they too must take blame from an uneasy public that perceives relatively open borders to be a deadly threat to us.

To the degree that actual terrorist crimes are covered up and not given the proper treatment, such as the seriously muffled Ft. Hood event, even our military is sucked into improper actions by the administration. The public rightly wants such actions to be labeled for what they are and handled as Jihadist actions, and they see this administration as derelict in this regard: meaning, of course, Obama and his Czars and minions. But our President can bow and scrape and plead for sanity in front of a huge Muslim audience, and then run like hell so as not to hear the jeers and laughter.

Then too, we had some of the worst Jihadists all locked up and tucked away in Guantanamo, but our President tried mightily to close the base and transfer the inmates to the US. He has not succeeded yet, thank God, but the worst of it is the release of quite a number of inmates, only to face them again on the combat fields in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a message there for the most avid supporters of Obama: he knows not what he does (and neither do we!)

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