Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today's Conservative--Liberal Light?

What Kind of Conservative are You?

Life gets very complicated at times. There seem now to be many varieties of Conservatism; so many that I am having trouble defining the label for just where I stand. How naïve I was to think that a majority of Conservatives had the same ideas and objectives!

Today, quite a number of conservatives have bought into the liberal idea of “total non-discrimination” (TND). This equates to being non-judgmental, accepting of all groups and their ideas as equal, whether they be Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Ra worshipers, or Mafia, or so it seems. The Liberal idea of Non-discrimination applies to race, color, sex, sexual preference, party affiliation (?), creed, group aspirations and more.

Furthermore, this TND fetish is a direct corollary to moral relativism, which is the essence of rejection of Christian morality, and the beginnings of nihilism. That alone makes me oppose TND.

There is another view of discrimination that does not involve moral relativism. Simple equality of all our citizens before the law, and equality of opportunity for all means non-discrimination in those two sectors, which is right and proper. Beyond that, we would be extending the concept of TND into the social sector by law which to me is totally improper.

So everyone has a voice in our Democracy: whether it is beneficial or devastating to our well-being, no one is excluded! This is fine up to the point where my social decisions are dictated by law. Now, I have been utterly opposed to quite a number of groups with social ideas that are inimical to our society, namely: liberals, socialists, communists, Muslims, and atheists, to name the main groups. Not that these individuals should have their rights as citizens taken away, but that their views of the path America should go in should be simply ignored--discriminated against if you will--for the good of the nation, when those views are meant to be the basis of social law, followed by fiscal laws that support the social laws.

This position makes me a right wing, social and fiscal conservative, I suppose. Perhaps I am a Traditional Conservative, who does not agree with an evolving social hedonism, nor do I agree with the diminution of the Christian religion and secularization of the government, nor do I agree with a leveling process that robs one set of people and uses the proceeds to disincentivise the other set from ever exercising individual responsibility. There is something radically wrong when over 40% of our citizens do not pay taxes, which may be increased to 60% under the next president.

Then, too, I do not agree with the “no first strike” idea of Libertarians, either, since preemptive action is necessary for our survival in many serious scenarios. It is hard for me to understand why the federal government should be into education to the tune of billions of dollars, with ever greater supervision and prescription in our school systems. The States should bear this responsibility. This goes for abortion as well. Each State should control how the abortion issue is handled within its borders.

In this rant, I will throw in just one more major objection I have of the left’s agenda: amnesty for illegal immigrants. By what calculus should we open our nation to all immigrants, and also forgive those that sneaked in against the law? Yes, there is a humanity question here, but that could be handled without general amnesty.

If being a conservative means preserving our values, our way of life, our culture, our way of governing, our morals and our religious beliefs, then that is what I sign up for. I am willing to fight for these tenets if it comes to that.



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