Thursday, November 06, 2008


To the President-Elect

President-Elect Obama

The Horde will be watching!

You won. You are the people’s choice. Now you must govern fairly. A horde of fellow conservatives will be watching your every move most carefully. In fact, The Horde will be working feverishly to defeat you in the next election, and every gaffe, every wrong turn made by your administration, will be used against you.

We, The Horde, will not harass you with unfounded statements, only the truths of your governance. We will not invent conspiracies, or dark motives for your decisions, but we will let those decisions be expounded upon to where the average person can see the impact on himself, and the nation.

Many of your ideas expressed during the year are highly objectionable to The Horde. We will fight against them, hopefully to defeat them, because they are not constitutionally correct in word or spirit. First among these ideas is that of sharing the wealth by means of excess taxation of some individuals in order to give the money away to others. I will not repeat other bad ideas here now, but you will hear from us about them—often!

We wish you well, and hope for a governance we can be satisfied with from you. You will have our support when it is American values that are at stake. We simply hope that you know what those values are, and govern by them.

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