Monday, October 27, 2008



Some musings on the state of things.

It seems that everything is falling now. Falling health perhaps leads the concerns, but falling abilities and falling memory are even worse.

We have a falling stock market that has yet to see a bottom, which leads to a falling reserve for retirement, and falling expectations for future years.

Our electorate is falling for a first-class con artist, after falling for the BDS of the past 8 years, which is leading to a falling out of conservatives from the Republican Party that fell for open-purse spending over the last few years.

Faith in the American dream is falling too, cursed by the falling media that knows no discipline or virtue, but only knows tanking for a left-wing crowd that will ensure we fall further, quicker.

After-tax money will fall drastically with the redistribution of wealth from those who earned it to those who want to spend it without any personal effort.

The world as we know it is falling too, falling for the subtle, slice-at-a-time takeover by the Islamic hordes saturating Europe, and that are beginning to operate more openly here in the US. The sad thing is that our society is totally hung up on the idea of religious freedom, which seems to include Islam, the religion that is trying to take over the world to make Islam the one and only religion everywhere. I assert that a test will come, where our decision-makers will have to choose banning a religion--Islam--because it is subverting the Constitution, not abiding with it.

Our foreign efforts are seemingly falling too, or will be made to fall by the incoming administration. Iraq will be lost almost immediately, and Afghanistan will fall a bit later, starved for the falling-off support we will give them.

It is also a fact that our Christian religion is falling as well. It is being slowly but surely subverted by those who wish to undermine its basic tenets, rules, doctrine, and Holy Words.
The rise of agnostic and atheist groups is a remarkable testament to the gentle fall of Christianity in the US.

Our schools, by and large, are falling into dullness, anti-religious dogma of the left, and anti-American dogma, capped off with a curriculum designed for the next generations of Americans to be ignorant and helpless in the face of our many challenges. Civics, American history, American literature, American government--all are being downplayed in favor of Godlessness liberalism, and sexual education.

It is time for true, patriotic Americans to rise up and take charge of our nation, and to throw out the subversive, hypocritical, disparaging, and value-destroying elements in our society.

Let us rise up now!

Vote Republican!

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