Sunday, October 19, 2008

If Obama Wins--

Taxes will go up.

No sense in investing when you must give up all but 35% of your profits.

More government buyouts of industries, leading to socialism.

Far greater expenditures by government to live up to Obama's giveaway promises.

Greater percentage of people that do not pay taxes--65%, it is said.

Maybe I can go back to college for a PhD on Obama's government.

Free Speach will be curbed, and Politically Correct Speach will be expanded.

Pelosi and Reid will have a field day passing really dumb legislation.

Amnesty will happen for all illegal immigrants.

The UN will get a huge boost in US contributions, Law of the Sea, the International Court...

Nationalization will hit transportation, communications, energy companies, oil companies, banks.

I think I will put in for a free ride too! If we all do, that will crimp their style! Or, maybe not! With the elites and ranking Dems controlling the means of production, we will all be subservient to the government for our daily bread. That is, until they run our economy into the ground just as the USSR did, and many people starve.

Vote Republican!

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By accepting the socialist FREEBIES, you are consigning to be a slave to it, by denying it, you could be broke, this is the ultimate government takeover! Looks like I'll be eating squirrel and growing my own taters! I guess living in the sticks is now a good thing?
Perhaps I should buy a few acres of good land and learn the finer points of farming for survival!

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