Wednesday, September 10, 2008


World Opinion be Damned

The UK Guardian Tries to Influence Our Elections

"The world's verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man it yearns for"

The Guardian [UK], by Jonathan Freedland

It is time to take a look at this meme "world opinion" and America 's directions. Of course, the first thing to be said is that only American citizens can vote in the elections. The second thing to be said is that few Americans have the slightest desire to let foreign influences sway their opinions on voting.

The one segment that does seem to do so are Humanists, liberals, and their communist and socialist brethren who have an agenda to further internationalism for their own ends. This is an extremely elitist crowd that has a trivially small number of voters. They may well be quite influential in Democratic circles, but their ideas are not mainstream American by a long shot.

This is the fundamental reason that Obama will not be elected: Americans are basically conservative, both fiscally and socially, by over 65-70%. Being black does not have much to do with the decision process, but being conservative and not liberal does, and Mr. Obama is quite liberal indeed. Therefore, when all of the shouting is over, he loses. Some are predicting that it will be by a landslide.

So, if we believe the thesis that the world will be mad at the US for not electing Obama, it is obvious that the US will be even madder at the world for presuming to dictate to us who will run the nation against our majority set beliefs in a conservative government. Then, to attempt to punish us for our convictions will produce a backlash by us that many countries cannot afford to incur.

We are not in the service of other countries, although some nations think of us as "let the Americans do it (and pay for it!)" Their citizens are not of any significant influence inside America, except for those Americans that are struck silly and become bewildered by the hostile reactions of foreigners they encounter. In the heart of America today, there is far less UN or international support than in previous decades. Most Americans thoroughly resent much of the UN activities over the past 10 or 20 years as being quite contrary to our interests.

To do this retort justice, I would have to take up the idea of world opinion country by country, region by region, types of government, and the majority religions, plus a plethora of other factors--ad nauseam. To short circuit all of this, I believe that world opinion is not only fickle, but often bought and paid for, or ordered from on high. Much of it is, again, of elitist making, self-serving of the nation at hand, and not of the majority of the people. Then too, find the money trail. At the bottom of much unhappiness is a substantial lack of money. The US has money, even with the indebtedness we have foolishly incurred. Envy is a strong odor emanating from many, many nations and their people because of their impoverished state.

When envy turns to hate, it is difficult to be charitable.

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