Friday, August 22, 2008


Obama the Abortionist

Genocide for Convenience in America

Obama, as we have come to realize, supports and voted for grisly types of abortion three times, which raises the question of just how Christian his beliefs really are. Abortion is against God's will, against His intent, and against His commandments, as a thorough study of the Bible will attest. This makes abortion a sin, and a clear violation of the commandment not to murder.

In the Bible, God refers to His children in many passages, and not surprisingly, He treats unborn children exactly the same as He treats born children. They are His Sons and Daughters, whether born or unborn, and He gives them His protection. They must not be murdered.

Today, abortion has risen to the level of genocide, we having aborted 50 million babies in the US since the passage of Roe versus Wade. Worse, it is predominantly genocide for convenience--the children are simply not wanted.

The Christian position on abortion is contained in the reference:

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