Friday, July 18, 2008


Obama Goes Abroad

If it is Tuesday, it Must be France! (or, is it Germany?)
OMG, what's the name of that Prime Minister?

Barack Obama is all set to travel to Jordan, Israel, France, Germany and England in a six-day jaunt, for what purpose I haven't a clue. He will barely have time to shake hands with anyone in each whistle stop of the tour. They say that security is a serious problem, too, forcing the Obama camp to hide the itinerary from the public, lest the bad guys set a trap for him.

Will he come back and tell us all that he has been there, and now knows all there is to know about those nations? Will he say that he now has intimate relationships with the leaders in Europe?
What will he achieve with such a blitz of a visit? Does this burnish his credentials for foreign affairs? Is he now really well-informed about the problems of these nations? Does he realize the depth of feeling these nations have concerning America?

Really now, this is merely a political stunt designed to allay our fears that he knows jack-all about other nations, foreign affairs, conflicts areound the world, and political differences in each of those nations. If anyone is fooled by this cynical maneuver, shame on them.

He knows Jack-all, and will know Jack-all when he returns.

Oh, which one of those guys was the Premier?

UPDATE: 7/22/08

Now we know! Obama is NEGOTIATING WITH THE IRAQIS, DURING A WAR. This has never been done by a candidate in the history of the union. And, to top it off, he gave a press conference in which his faltering AH, Um, that is, um, ah! talk was a full 8 minutes long out of 45 minutes. This is our other candidate? He is indeed an empty suit. May God protect America from such irrelevance!

His sneaky trip actually started in Afghanistan, went to Iraq, and then to Jordan, mostly for a photo op with leaders, except for his injecting himself into the Iraqi war and its negotiations. He should be condemned for this. 30-minute diplomacy is not sound; and candidate diplomacy is totally out of order!

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