Friday, July 25, 2008



Unfit for Office

We have a few choices left in this election year. We can follow and cheer for Obama. We can follow and cheer for McCain. Or, we can take every opportunity to show how either of these gentlemen are not fit for the office of President. Or even do a little of both in some combination.

As I see it, there is no need for me to follow either of them, and no pressing need to join in the usual denigration efforts, since others can do that job far better than I. I long ago decided that my vote is against Obama and for a Republican—even a weak one such as McCain. All the rest of this yammering daily about Obama this and Obama that isn't going to influence my vote, and all of the gaffes that McCain makes, or all of the good things he says, are not going to affect my party-line vote.

Since we have a two-party system, and since as a conservative I feel at home with Republicans far, far more than I ever could with Democrats, the issue is decided without further wringing of hands.

In fact, I was puzzling about the Independent vote. Do so many citizens have so little common sense that they cannot understand the two-party system? Do they believe that they can gain something by holding back their vote and approval? Are they really unable to decide between Republicans and Democrats? Is their thinking a sort of “pox on both their houses?” Just what makes them tick?

I could ask the same about those that vote for some obscure third party, and for those who don't vote at all. Staying home on voting day is the most devastating of all, since it denies and devalues the fundamental act of citizenship—voting.

In just the opposite vein, I was puzzling about the Democratic voters. Are they really influenced by the offers of handouts from government? Do they believe that it is right and proper to vote for the best package of perks on offer? What in the world influences a citizen to buy into the meme of “change”, especially when the changes are not specified at all, or are respecified up or down every day?

Disgusted and puzzled.

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