Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Obama the Socialist

See this!

Besides being found out to be a true member of The New Party, Mr. Obama has consistently voiced a socialist platform, although it is disguised sufficiently that the uninitiated would not pick up on it. Taken with his abominable associations with Wright, Ayers, and others, there is enough smoke to be sure that a fire is in there somewhere. How so many Americans can fall for this socialist/marxist I do not know. The Left is very close to winning now. I hope we can correct course before we are enslaved in a neosocialist government, and trapped in Constitutional revisions by fiat from the Supreme Court. We may have to start a Thatcher type revolution to escape their clutches.

Watch for further reregulation and government takeovers of major segments of the economy. These nutcakes will destroy America given enough time in office.

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