Monday, September 22, 2008

Must read: The Drumbeat, by William Staneski

First of all, I agree with Staneski that liberals have thrust these attitudes onto the public: toleration, diversity, non-judgmental, egalitarianism, politically correct, multiculturalism, globalism, and collectivism.

Second, what I fear, and what Lawrence Auster has pointed out often, is that many so-called conservatives have bought into these same attitudes, to the peril of us all. True or traditionalist conservatives, however, forcefully reject these attitudes:

Toleration, when not reciprocal, becomes mere weakness.

Diversity, when referring to people or cultures, is only worthwhile when there is a solid and deep common ground, and shared values, to spring from. Diversity for its own sake is leveling.

Non-judgementalism is a copout to excuse the exercise of the above toleration and diversity. Good judgment is an attribute to be cultivated, not suppressed. One must exercise judgment for it to become a sharp tool.

Egalitarianism is meaningless: people are incommensurate in many dimensions, including mind, body, soul, culture, wealth, health, liberty, freedom, religious belief, energy, drive, i.e. every attribute I can think of, and they will remain so as they have for millennia. Equal opportunity is our heritage, but not equal outcomes.

Politically Correct: this is a curse born of over-toleration, extreme non-judgementalism, pervasive non-discrimination, and unreal egalitarianism. PC constraints inhibit clear thinking and clear debate.

Multiculturalism: we are in fact living in a multicultural nation, but its working vector should be towards assimilation, not maintenance of minority cultures for their own sake. Let the private minorities maintain their own cultures by themselves if they wish, but not to the detriment of our society, as Islam threatens daily, for example.

Globalist: after we have taken full care of our own nation, it is appropriate to lend a helping hand elsewhere.Charity begins at home, as does defense. The UN is not worth supporting further. There are global threats that must be met and vanquished in the name of self-defense--Islam, pandemics, and nuclear proliferation, to name a few. However, man-made climate change is not one of the threats: it is a man-made tempest designed to further seizure of power and promotion of global government.

Collectivist: In no political or economic sense does a true conservative ascribe to collectivism, but collective defense is an obvious truism.

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