Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Pseudo-Elites Use Bad Words

Words to Hate From So-called Friends of Conservatism

There are several words that are bound to seriously annoy rank and file Republicans and conservatives. I identify the words as: Intellectuals, elites, liberals, and hacks, all having been used to bolster the egos of a few pseudo-elite types, while they seem to want to vent their ire at the poor ole hacks that are the bedrock of conservatism. Even some elitist-oriented conservatives have this attitude.

The superior, even snobbish, attitudes of these writings on the web come across very clearly, as if the sniff of dismissal was appended after each post: oh, a hack! oh, a working conservative!

To show obvious distain for those who recognize the poor choices in this election, yet do their very best to support what is definitely the lesser of evils, is to also show the pseudo-elitism and tastelessness of the writers. It would seem that to some of the writers, it is more important to maintain their so-called, two-faced intellectual integrity than to win an election honestly and forthrightly. How harping on the sins of the Republican candidates helps to win this election escapes me completely.

By attempting to prove their intellectual prowess through denigration of the "lesser souls" around them, and, of course, the candidates these poor souls know very well that they must champion, namely McCain/Palin, they diminish the efforts of many solid citizens unnecessarily in order to be able to claim and hold some sort of intellectual high ground. A sandcastle, I believe, designed by self-appointed elites for other elites of similar markings--and odor, sniff!

This likewise makes an uncalled-for opening for the conservative's opposite number, the true liberal, who sneers onto the scene with evil deeds in mind, always ready to tear down the conservative idea, and is very happy for the opportunity to point out the disarray in the Republican Party. While, of course, attempting to show a superior intellect and a better choice of candidates. Ugh!

We do not need this kind of help!

by mannning

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