Saturday, November 01, 2008


Electing an Unknown

Election Eve is Nigh

The street says it is Obama and Biden that our citizens will elect. Thinking about this ugly possibility leads me to all kinds of speculation and a few facts.

First of all, the election is against George Bush, Iraq, the Economy, and Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Never mind that McCain is a certified RINO, he is tarred with Bush votes, and he has the Amnesty sickness as well.

Secondly, the Republican Party, by some weird quirk, went wild with spending, and they are now being held accountable by the voters. That McCain tried to maintain a fiscal conservative stance is of little consequence to the voters. They trust him more than Obama with money matters, but, not I suppose, the Party behind him—those spendthrift Republicans of the last years.

McCain is not charismatic, that is certain, whereas his opponent is obviously the epitome of the charismatic politician. Obama has several themes that appear to be contrary and confusing, but apparently acceptable to a large group of voters: he wants to raise taxes and is dishonest about it. We will all feel the pinch.

Obama wants to buy votes by "sharing the wealth", which means he wants to take my income and slice off a big chunk to forcibly share it with his selected “Others”. I have no choice in the matter, so it amounts to the federal government robbing me of that chunk. Further, he wants to increase spending by some atrocious amount like 800 billion dollars over the next ten years for what amounts to welfare.

The handwriting is on the wall that the Dems want to convert our society to Socialism. They want to control the means of production, the distribution of the income from these means, and the projects that are funded by these means, supposedly for our benefit, if not our own choosing. They have a smooth champion in Obama, who is a slick-talking snake-oil salesman for the communistic crowd.

We will see all manner of freebies being proposed in the Congress, such as free medical care, free college, super low interest loans for first-time house buyers, and a move to eliminate taxes for a total of 60% of our citizens. That same 60% may also receive free food stamps and free gasoline to go with their subsidized automobiles.

The Constitution will be ignored because it is in the way, so any provisions you have learned to rely upon must be forgotten.

Now is the time to begin to organize to take America back from these hypocritical heathens.

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