Friday, November 07, 2008


The Demise of Racism?

The Vote was by and large Partisan

Regarding the demise of racism as a direct result of this election, I believe that is a far, far too optimistic a position. Yes, many voted for Obama–a black. The same people, by and large, would have voted for him if he were white, blue or pink, I assert, since he was a Democrat, and not Republican, GWB or a surrogate. If the only reason someone voted for Obama was that he is black is a sad commentary on the intelligence of the voter.

Real racial progress hinges on the assimilation of all ethnic groups into an America Culture that is by definition law-abiding, responsible to their families and children, productive, and fully literate in the English language. This assimilation or conversion has to be done from well within these ethnic groups, not from without.

Thus, this election of Obama is, for one thing, a one-off recognition of such a conversion having taken place by himself and his family, and no one else in the world.

So it is true that racism is still very much with us.

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