Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We Support Israel

US-Israel Policy has been consistent for 50 years or more.

Lots of people seem to think they know how to handle the Israeli-Palestinian problems with a change of tack. Most of these people weren't even born when this conflict began in earnest, and do not have the insight or the memories to foster a solution.

Neither have a string of Presidents, diplomats, military men, well-connected civilians, and vast sums of US money dumped on, not only Israel, but also Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt, to attempt a peaceful interregnum. We have proven to the Islamic world our ultimate commitment to Israel.

We support Israel because without our help they would be overrun and killed by the thousands, if not to the last man. Stop our support and Israel is dead. It is quite clear who have been the aggressors in this conflict for 50 years or more, and it isn't Israel. It is disgusting to me to see people trying to build support for the Palestinians, including the Hamas and Fatah murderers.

The US cannot be a truly honest broker in this conflict, and its past failures in trying are not due to lack of effort in every dimension, but to the intransigence of the Palestinians. We have been gamed at every turn for most of those 50 years to open our pockets, and back off from the defense of Israel. We want peace and have big pockets with which to pay for peace. As far as the world sees, the Islamics take our money, spend it on purchasing more and better arms, not humanitarian aid.

The nature of this conflict is a clash of Jews versus Muslims, and we are kidding ourselves if we think that we could intervene successfully with diplomacy in this Holy War. Islam speaks to this end, the end of the Jews, every day, and has done so for 1200 years.

Who are we to say that we can change this Holy War, this jihad, by peaceful means?

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