Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Obama Fault List--IIb
The things that concern me so far are:

1. His global warming push, now subtly renamed "climate issues", as exemplified by his staff appointments, which will probably end up massively increasing spending of dollars we don't have. All for a false conclusion that GW is largely caused by CO2 when it provably isn't.
2. His pushing, together with congressional dems, for yet another stimulus package of 850 billion dollars that we don't have on top of the 700 billion already thrown down the hole. It is apparent that no one knows how to cope with the downturn, least of all, Obama.
3. His hands-off policy idea on the piracy that is going gangbusters off the East Coast of Africa.
4. His share the wealth ideas, which means stealing from me to give away.
5. His poorly masked anti-gun stance, which will pop out very soon now.
6. His anti-military feelings, and desire to pull out of Iraq far too fast.
7. His amnesty push, which in essence is simply a political move to gain voters.
8. His socialistic ideas that will creep into view real soon now!
9. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, which is welcomed by the resident lefties there.
10. Leon Panetta as head of the CIA: Send the little man to do a big man's job.
11. Appointment of gaggles of liberals to second and third level positions in the government.
12. The cultivation of worship of Barack Hussein Obama.
13. The huge inaugural effort that is largely a waste of money, and a crowning event for his Messiah image. A 45 million dollar boondoggle (Correction: it will top $170 million), and I don't care where that money came from.
14. Obama, in his first working day, is asking Congress to repeal DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act). Here we go!
15. Pro-Life changed to Pro-Abortion on the White House Website.
16. Obama's Government is buying preferred stock only, which will drive common stock out of the reach of common men, leaving the Government as the sole propriator of banks, and major industry.

17. Obama is planning to stop the offshore drilling and the oil shale mining that Bush ordered, in spite of the push for oil independence--somehow.
18. Now Obama is diddling into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in what appears to be favoritism towards Gaza and Hamas. Ignorance is telling, isn't it?
19. Obama orders Gitmo prison closed, but has no valid idea where to hold or prosecute the 245 prisoners remaining. Brilliant!
20. Obama is issuing an executive order lifting the ban on worldwide funding of abortions by the taxpayer. So, he is funding murder. Way to go!
21. I expect him to revive the "Fairness Doctrine" to shut down conservative talk shows such as Rush. There is nothing fair about it.
22. Obama set forth ethics rules for his staff, then excused the rules for one of his appointees, murmering later that he can violate his rules as he sees fit. My, my, your imperial magesty!

This list is growing far faster than I had thought it would. It may require daily updates!

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