Saturday, February 13, 2010


Truly Annoying Things

The top of my list of truly annoying things

Absolutely at the top of my list is the entire Jihadist thing out of the Islamic Middle East.  Perhaps annoying is too mild a word.  It should be more like hate!  With many thousands of people killed in the name of Jihadism, I see this scourge to be eminently destroyable!

Following along with that, the number two thing on my list is liberalism in all of its dishonest glory. For the sake of power and influence, they distort the world around us, and try to impose their odious, arrogant and atheistic thought processes on us and on our children. They are ready to sacrifice our way of life for an impossible ideal or Utopia that has no chance whatsoever of being realized.  Many appear to have been raised in homes for anti-American people.  The idea of being forced into using the politically correct-multiculturalism mindset of the left is simply obnoxious.

The third item on my list are the spendthrift souls in our Congress and the Administration that believe somehow that we can spend our way out of the debt hole, when anybody can tell them that ultimately you have to pay the Piper. This is not fair for us, for our children, or for our children's children. They seem to believe that government is the answer to all problems, including employment, when any fool could tell them that it is the private sector that generates jobs, not the government.

My fourth annoyance is tied to the current economic situation where, because of our financial troubles and our president's fiscally and diplomatically irresponsible policies, we are becoming ever weaker in the international scene.  This cannot be a good thing! We have seen stupendous wars growing out of such weakness in the past, and they are too horrible to mankind to be allowed to happen yet again.

So those are the top four of my peeves or hates.  There are a lot more to go!

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