Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Settled Science?


Anthropogenic Global Warming or AGW  theory is not settled science. 

Darwinism, or the descent with modification theory, is not settled science.

The Big Bang theory is not settled science.

The Multiple Universe theory is not settled science.

String Theory is not settled science.

Etc. Etc. ad nauseam! 

Science is a collection of working theories that are useful and lasting to the degree that they accurately describe and predict behaviors in the material universe. When their predictive powers, either forward or reverse, are in question, it is apparent that the "science" is not settled, although scientists find it highly useful to work AS IF they are true and to follow the consequences as far as possible--until they fail to work well, predict well, or even show correspondence with past data.  That many scientists sign up to a given theory is no real indication that the theory is correct.  Alfred N. Whitehead remarked once, in effect, that the surest indicator that a theory is wrong is the number of scientists that sign up to it.

Perhaps the most egregious example of false science applied in the real world was Eugenics, where tens of thousands of people were neutered by law back in the 1930's, before it was stopped. This is a story that should be an object lesson for us all, especially since we are being sold by many that AGW is a critical threat to mankind, without sufficient scientific validation.  Let us see the true scientific validation reports before we pour trillions of dollars into various enterprises that tout a solution to AGW.



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