Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Invent a New Bomb

We need to neutralize tunnels and bunkers that hide weapons

With the Iranians and smugglers around the globe using tunnels and deep bunkers to carry on their illicit activities, we need a new counter weapon that goes far beyond the MOAB bunker busters.

One thought I have had is to create a bomb that uses some kind of white foam that is spread over a huge area by spraying it, and that then expands and hardens quickly once exposed to air. This foam should be dense enough to block entrances and air ducts to the tunnels and bunkers below, thus suffocating the residents.

Laying a carpet of these bombs to ensure coverage of the foam over the targets would be far easier that trying for multiple hits with MOAB's in virtually the same spot. In fact, the foam could well be carried and spread by our tomahawk missiles instead of manned aircraft to create the carpet.

If the residents try to break their way out, or to blow away the foam, we should be capable of observing them nicely against the white foam carpet background and to react accordingly.

Getting rid of the carpet of hardened foam just might be a serious problem for someone, depending upon the chemical makeup of the foam, and the degree of hardening it achieves.

Is this feasible? Let's say that a Tomahawk can carry 6 cubic feet of such a liquid precursor to the foam, and that the final layer of foam must be at least 1 foot thick.  If our goal is to cover 1,000 square feet of ground per bomb that is 1 foot thick, the expansion factor must be 1,000/6= 166,7. A cursory scan of foam products did not turn up one with such an expansion ratio, but there were too many hits to scan them all. So, I cannot yet confirm the feasibility of this idea.


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