Sunday, December 13, 2009


Blogging in 2010

Subjects of My Concern for 2010

These subjects will be my main blogging interests for 2010, in no special order. There are a few changes from 2009, but the essential topics are largely intact. I removed Media Bias since others are addressing this topic with expertise, but it can pop up anywhere: on the list or off!

• Financial Crisis and Jobs
• Environmentalism and the Climate Change Hoaxes
• Conservatism---the way forward
• Elections 2010—getting our people elected
• Liberalism and its Follies Under Obama and the Terrible Duo
• Islamic Fascism, Subversion, and the Global War on Terror
• Constitutionalism, Government Reform,
• Military Affairs and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Iran
• Secular Humanism, Internationalism
• UN follies (and possible alternatives)
• Illegal immigration (“Illegals”) and the defeat of amnesty when it appears again
• Fair Taxation ---and its kin, the Flat Tax; the real danger is adding VAT to this mix!
• Energy Efforts---Oil drilling, solar power, wind power, clean coal.
• Globalization and its difficulties.
• Education, especially how to remove the Federal Government from it, and improve results.
• Gun Rights---defending the right for citizens to keep and use arms and ammunition.
• Crime and Corruption, both white and blue collar!
• Health Care—if Obamacare wins, what then? What is the impact on this senior citizen?
• Morality Issues: Abortion (RvW), Same Sex Marriage, Drugs
• Foreign Affairs
• Free Markets and Regulation
• Catastrophes around the world
• Philosophy---refinement and publication of my screed.

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