Saturday, November 21, 2009


More or Less Humane?

Are We Using the Rules of Engagement Correctly?

It seems that huge influences are directed towards making war more humane.  We didn't cry too hard for Dresdeners or other Germans in WWII that were bombed out, whether they be fighting men or "innocent" civilians. The proportion of fighters to civilians in Dresden was on the order of 1 to 1,000.  Today, we find ourselves castigated if we kill 1,000 Jihadists and 1 'innocent" civilian.  It is hard to believe, but the Jihadists bring along their families to meetings in safe houses in order to ensure headlines "Innocents Killed" if they are struck.

However, one must take the sources into account when reeling from the condemnations: Islamic Nations lead the show, and there are 46 or so of them, plus their Muslim syncophants and implants in another 45 nations around the world, and the usual pacifists and bleeding hearts everywhere that abhor violence, even in the cause of eradicating evil.

The key idea of "innocence" on the part of non-combatants, families, and especially children, needs to be examined dispassionately.  If we have knowledge of a high-level meeting of tens of Jihadists in a specific location, it is odds-on that there will be civilians or non-combatants in attendance as well because they will have been forced to attend by the Jihadist leaders. Do we shoot or not?  In WWII, we didn't hesitate to open the bomb-bays and drop tons of 500 pounders on the populous cities of Germany. 

Why do we hesitate now? World opinion?  I believe that to kow tow to world opinion in a war is rediculous.  The enemy should be hit wherever found, and hit hard!  The very odious and cynical step of forcing families to attend such meetings must be ended, and the only way to do so is to ignore the presence of civilians and proceed to take out the Jihadists. When this practice of exposing civilians is seen by the Jihadists to be ineffective, it will stop.  They will sooner or later recognize that they gambled and lost, and that they were killing their own and losing the propaganda battle in the process. 

War is hell!  ---Sherman

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