Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Universal Everything!

Politics for the Future

It would appear that Obama will run in 2012.

It would appear that at least Romney or Palin will run against Obama, if not one of a few others that pop up.

Whether Palin emerges as a competent conpetitor or not, if she gets the Republican nomination, she gets my vote, since, after tons of reasoned analysis mixed in with several “I told you so’s”, I see Obama and his ilk as a far, far worse threat to the nation, czars and all! One ecomomic analysis has our 2019 national debt at $32 Trillion with all of the Obama stuff properly accounted for.

Of course, I would rather have Romney as President and cheer him on as he deconstructs the Obama era, and constructs a new, sound conservative era for our country. Out with change for the sake of unions and cronies, and in with change we can understand item by item, and be able to judge each of them in turn to be good.

Democratic Utopianism is apparently far from dead in this nation. Let me see, by 2012 we may find ourselves with a government that supports:

Universal world government. It is still championed, despite the preponderance of evil nations.

Universal World Constitution. Here is their chance to rid the US of that pesky Constitution that keeps limiting things they want to do… for the people.

Universal Healthcare. It is on the table now.

Universal Education is very likely not far behind; free through college. There is quite a stimulus here for the building industry.

Universal Welfare is coming back under many disguises, such as earmarks, stimuluses and the like, and eventually out in the open.

Universal Housing had a rough beginning, but they are working on it. The concept of a no-payback mortgage seems to make sense. Then there could be no defaulting! Here is yet another stimulus for the building industry!

Universal Retirement Funds better than Social Security will be in the mix. Let's all retire to Hawaii.

Universal Insurance covering, well, everything from life to autos to housing, to health, to…you name it! Very high premiums, enforced membership, long waits for settlements and low payouts would be par for Government-run operations.

Universal Food and Agriculture Management will ensure enough to eat for the world–hopefully. Here comes rationing!

Universal Loans for any old purpose, guaranteed by the US Government, will ensure that the entrepreneural spirit never dies. Maybe it will be on the Korean System where each family member gets three chances to establish himself in a business funded by the family (in our case, the Feds).

Universal Correctness of Speech and Hate Control will ensure employment for just about every other person in the nation–Dems–to watch over us and report– 24/7.

Universal Unionization Act will make us all joiners, else there will be a penalty of $10,000 and an 8-year jail term. Another big immigration employment boost here–a lot more jails to build!

Universal Immigration and Open Borders Act. Y’all come!

Universal Environmental Controls Act. This will make it very difficult for Repubs to buy, build, or operate any kind of business, and will extend Government control over every aspect of business in general.

Note 1: To my children: After 2020, invest in the building industry!

Note 2: Do it in Hawaii!

Note 3: Cancel the first two notes! The nation will be totally broke far before any of these Utopian stimuluses (stimuli?) take effect.

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