Saturday, November 14, 2009



I suggest that there are two kinds of hatred: the reasoned and the unreasoned. Most of the hatreds I have identified in myself are reasoned ones, and are usually based on quite a bit of research and analysis.  In this category I place my hatred (i.e. intense dislike) for liberals, communists, socialists, totalitarians of all stripes, and for Islam and Muslims. I do have some unreasoned hatreds, as do most of us, for example, hatred of spiders, bugs and snakes which I freely admit to harboring most intensely.

A good old reasoned hatred is a refreshing thing.  It clears the mind immensely, and allows one to focus upon the right and proper attitudes and actions that such hatreds cry out for. It also thumbs one's nose at political  correctness in a delicious manner!  Nancy Pelosi? I feel the hate! Obama! hot! Harry Reid? Total hate too! 

To deconstruct the exact whys and wherefores of these hatreds would take me several books, and even then, I would have to leave out things of importance. It is sufficient for now to say that I intensely dislike their politics and their lack of morals, and I could back those dislikes up with evidence of their sins if I had to.  Besides, it allows me the luxury of simply not listening to their rants, raves, and solomn speeches that turn out to be real duds in the end, or total misrepresentations of facts (we call them lies where I come from.). That saves my blood pressure from spiking. 

It is liberating to blank out the opposition in this way--they cannot sway me with their olive  branches and bribes.



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