Monday, September 14, 2009


Dissent by Reason not Rabble-Rousing

A few kooks carry Nazi and Hitler signs in the protests.

This complaint over kooks needs a longer perspective and less anguish on the part of conservatives. By legitimizing the kooks through serious commentary and woeful thinking about their influence, it raises the temperature of the argument without changing the kook’s mindset.
Every movement has its fringe people, and they will try to be heard, but there are simpler methods of muting their message, such as ignoring them, or making one-on-one comments to them about the negative influence they project.

Reason will prevail in the end—conservative reason, that is! The simple and accurate messages of dissent, based on facts and reason are the answer, and the kooks will probably be won over to such messages before long because they will come to realize the truth of what is being said by every conservative.

So what we need are those simple, direct, truthful and potent messages. Why not turn the discussion around to exactly that creative problem?

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