Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Selling Snake Oil to the Public

The Citizens Have a Right to be Mad!

I am still mad about various Democratic sources calling town hall protesters un-American, rude, or simply numbskulls. That, after all, is what they themselves are showing themselves to be, with their leftist agenda to turn America into wasteland. Why a wasteland?

As things stand, we will have a national debt of at least 17.5 trillion dollars in 2019 because of their profligate spending and commitments to spend this year and for the next 9 or10 years. This is over 3 trillion dollars more than our entire GNP in 2008. Just how can we pay that sum back? No rational plan to reduce the debt has been put forward, only legislation that is certain to raise it by trillions!

It is no wonder that ordinary America citizens are very upset at their representatives for trying to foster this abomination off on us and on our children’s children, and maybe even another generation. There is little need to debate the fine tuning of various propositions, all of which raise the debt level even more. Thus the protesters are simply shooting the messengers from this spendthrift Congress and President. No one believes the President’s assertion that Obama Care will be revenue neutral, either, unless it is to cut services the citizens feel necessary.

Citizens also perceive that these town hall types of sessions are merely a cover for the administration’s real plan, which is virtually hidden in 1,000 pages of gobbledygook, and impenetrable to the common reader. Thus, various possibilities, such as paying for the health care of Illegal immigrants, or the start of advisory panels on death options, have seized the public’s imagination, and no declarations to the contrary from Obama are believed anymore.

Then, too, with a Democratic majority in both houses and the presidency, people realize that their opinions have been submerged under the thrust of leftists to pass their own agenda, and to hell with public opinion. “Bi-partisan” support in Congress has withered under the take-it-or-leave-it positions of Democrats.

So, why should enraged citizens be quiet and respectful of their representatives, when they have not been shown even the respect of being presented with a sensible draft of a bill to peruse, feel that they are being sold out by snake oil salesmen, and being asked to give Congress a blank check?

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