Friday, August 14, 2009


Town Hall Chaos?

The public has had enough of the spend spend, spend!

I must agree that shouting down a spokesperson at a town hall meeting is rude. But I can also see the other side. With a solid Democratic majority behind Obama, the outcome of this health debate is starkly predetermined, so real argument is futile. The only hope is to impress on the puppets, who are merely out to make it look good and nicely democratic, that we aren’t buying their subterfuge, and not buying the arguments. The nation is broke, and there is no sense in making it broker.

Hence, the angry shouting and invective from the public is designed simply to make the puppets cringe. How many ways are there to say NO? Why enter into a debate with a puppet when there is nothing on the table but sly words and promises that aren’t meant to be kept? There is even no Bill yet.

Why are they not fixing Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security instead of adding 47 million people to the health and welfare rolls, including foreigners?

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