Friday, June 19, 2009


Obama:Loved and Unloved

Where the puzzling poll statements love Obama for himself, but not his policies!

Over and over, I hear this meme: the public adores Obama, but they are learning to hate his policies. So he is portrayed as a very nice man, generous, caring, devoted, and certainly energetic. But he institutes policies that leave the citizens to wonder if they are not reading the media correctly. How can such a nice man overspend the budget by such a large margin, with no plan to pay it back? How can he allow cabinet choices to be approved when they have tax deficits. Just why is he firing Inspector Generals, that are supposed to keep things on the level? Why is he so apologetic about America when he speaks to foreign audiences? In the face of a nearly two trillion dollar deficit, how can he propose a health plan that will defy all projections of cost, and place us in more trillions of dollars in debt? Why is it that he doesn't come out strongly for the Iranian dissidents?

For those, like me, that have lost track of the wild and speedy spending of this year's government, I suggest a look at this site:

Adoration may have its place for leaders, but when that leader heads the nation further into bankruptcy, shows great weakness to our pledged enemies, actually hates the military, and allows Congress to write and not read their huge pork-filled spending bills under the rubric of "stimulus" that isn't stimulating the economy, and he violates the Constitution by vesting huge power to his "czars" which downgrades his cabinet members, why has he decided to own the lion's share of GM and Chrysler? Is he heading us towards socialism?...and on, and on...

I cannot see how anyone can continue to admire him. He says one thing and does the opposite so often that it is hard to nail down just what he believes. It will take two full terms for a Conservative President and Congress to reset us on the right path. I hope that will start in 2012.

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