Monday, June 08, 2009


(Pseudo)Anonymous Blogging and Commenting

It is an abomination to out anyone--blogger or commenter!

First, you comment on some matter, however free of nastiness, and the blogger decides he doesn’t like the comment.

So, second, he sends sleeze back in his usual way, and that angers the commenter.
Retorts fly back and forth, until the blogger decides to out the commenter, and publish his real name.

Third, with this name, and a few other hints, any creep or pervert on the internet can find your home address, and begin harassment, or worse, on the net, through the mails, by telephone, or even in person. Some creeps that object to the comment think they are avenging a wrong, or are simply evil. If you live in a city, the likelihood of 25-50 creeps or perverts living nearby is very high, and it only takes one of them on the net to make home life miserable.

Such revolting activities are unacceptable, and threaten the home and family. All because of some comment that was objected to by the blogger. Anyone that does do that, and threatens the home life, should be barred from all sites possible.

Note that it isn’t the outer that is necessarily the danger–think about it!

The old phrase: "The names have been changed to protect the innocent!" is applicable.



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