Tuesday, August 25, 2009



There are a few unpleasant facts we need to face:

1. Racists vote, right along with non-racists.

2. Southerners vote, right along with Eastern, Northern and Western voters.

3. Few screeds have changed racists into non-racists. Attempts to shame racists out of their attitudes have not succeeded.

4. Laws and public opinion have muted racism and driven it underground. No one wants to be labeled a racist, even if he is one.

5. Racism, then, still exists--heavily in social situations.

6. We often confuse racism with other forms of social acceptability or unacceptability, such as manners, presentation, language, hygiene, integrity, common sense, and good citizenship that are applied to everyone.

7. It is often the case, though not spoken of, that many blacks do not present themselves well in public, and are thus tagged with criminal intent, because that is an odds-on probability on the streets, especially late at night in black-dominated cities. Crime statistics back this up (This is not to say that whites present themselves well all the time.).

8. More and more blacks are indeed gaining social acceptance, because they try to do so, are reasonably educated, and present themselves properly.

9. Racism does play a part in attacking Obama, but from my admittedly-limited observations, it is a minor influence among the many whites that I have talked with here in Virginia. I would give it one part in ten at the most. The main complaint whites speak of is the seemingly anti-white ideas Obama and his wife espouse!

10. No one understands why we must run a deficit of 17.5 trillion dollars over the next ten years as was announced by the Congressional Budget Office this week.



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