Wednesday, September 09, 2009



Things that should be done now:

1. Ensure financial security for Medicare and Medicaid
2. Ensue financial security of Social Security
3. Reform the tort system to eliminate abuses
4. Reform the administration of Medicare and Medicaid
5. Allow health insurance to be portable across state lines and from company to company
6. Eliminate the “doughnut hole” in prescription insurance
7. Eliminate the mandatory ER treatment for scofflaws
8. Eliminate the mandatory hospitalization of all comers
9. Ensure no free coverage for aliens
10. Require immigrants and visitors to take out adequate health insurance in advance of entry into the US
11. Require employers of aliens to take out health insurance on their employees and families.
12. Require proper ID for all persons in the nation.
13. No refusal by insurance companies because of preexisting conditions, but allow them to set premiums to balance the risk.
14. No limits on maximum coverage in a lifetime
15. No cancellation of policies that are kept current in payments.
16. No increase in the national debt--pay as you go!
17. No establishment of a government bureaucracy or increased government employment for health reasons.

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