Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The Anti's are Up!

Conservatives are definitely "anti" many things on the current political scene.

What things?

Well, we are anti massive increases in the national debt!
We are anti huge increases in the size and complexity of government.
This leads to being anti the current proposed health care bill, since it does both of the above!
By the same reasoning, we are anti a large expenditure and government involvement in Cap and Trade, plus we think that the science behind it--AGW--is quite dubious, and Algore is the only one to profit from it.
We are not anti science, per se, but anti bad science.
We are firmly anti government ownership of our industrial, financial, and commercial industries.
We are equally firm and anti about all incursions into our freedoms and liberties by the government.
Not surprisingly, we are strongly anti treating our Constitution as merely a guideline for revisions at will by legislators, the administration and the judiciary.
We are also anti the UN, the ICC, and the LOST Treaty as they are anti American incursions on our sovereignty, which leads to:
We are very strongly anti "internationalism", since the majority of the nations of the world are nowhere near being a moral and upright group that is capable of just decisions from our point of view.
Another sticky wicket are the so-called congressional earmarks that cost us billions per year, such as bridges to nowhere.
While we are confessing our sins of being the "anti" movement, we are totally against deficit spending and unbalanced budgets, and earnestly seek a path, however long and tortuous, back to fiscal responsibility and spending controls, and reining in entitlements.
Yet another area that brings out the anti in us is the idea of reducing the military drastically simply to achieve a so-called "peace dividend".  History shows us that every time we virtually disarm, we have to shell out massive funds to catch up later when a war breaks out because some ambitious nation thinks we are too weak to respond.
There are undoubtedly many more :"anti" positions to be documented, such as anti abortion and anti gay marriage, but this set will do for now.

One can just as easily turn these Anti positions into Pro positions, which is a very worthwhile exercise.



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