Saturday, December 05, 2009


An "R"-View of Conservatism

This is an exercise in using words beginning with the letter R to express conservative values

1. Religion (spiritual awakening, moral teachings, love of God and fellow men…)

2. Reverence and Regard (as in reverence of our Founding Fathers and their works, or reverence and regard for the religious beliefs or way of life of others)

3. Relief (as in charity and welfare for those in dire straights)

4. Reason (applying reason to solve problems and reduce conflicts in a rational manner)

5. Rectitude (being morally upright, incorruptible, trustworthy)

6. Republic (as in support for the guiding principles and provisions of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the United States of America; Patriotism…)

7. Rules and Regulations (as in obedience to constitutional law, civil law, custom …)

8. Roles and Responsibilities (learning, then living the proper role of the individual as citizen, father or mother, teacher, husband or wife, breadwinner, official…)

9. Research (as in promoting scientific and technological programs to increase our knowledge and better our lives)

10. Relationships (comity and love between the individual and others, groups, society…)

11. Reliance (standing for self-reliance, as opposed to dependency on the government or others )

12. Renaissance and Renewal (as in promoting growth in culture, arts, sciences, in proper governance, and in the pleasures of daily life)

13. Ready to Repel (as in military readiness to defend the nation against all threats; even preemptively, if needed)

14. Respect (and support for the traditions, customs, and institutions of the nation)

15. Retrenchment (as in cutting expenses, frugality, budgetary wisdom...)

16. Reality Checks (as in operating in the real world, not a fantasy world)

17. Resolve (as in steadfastness, perseverance, determination)

18. Reserve (as in prudence, caution...)

19. Responsive (to the will of the people, not greed)

20. Reliable (as in predictable behavior of the government, stability, and a sound basis for business)

21. Reform, Restore, Revamp, and Recover (government functions and organization from the spendthrift era of liberalism, to the replacement programs of the fiscally responsible right)

22. Right (as in right of center government policies and programs)



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