Thursday, December 03, 2009


Comments on the Day

Some quick comments on the issues of the day:

Afghanistan:  At least there is something to this Obama plan--30,000 men!  I question the reasons for this surge, since it seems to be neither a thrust to win nor a signal of our leaving.  It is more like a delaying action, but with few concrete objectives to look for downstream. 

Economy:  The unemployment keeps rising along with the debt, and the dollar keeps falling. Yet, this Administration is hell-bent on passing further expensive legislation.  We are in Wonderland!

Obamacare:  This 2,000 page monstrosity is being debated now.  It should be scrapped.  The government should bow out of a sixth of the economy and a certain trillion dollar or more addition to the debt.

Cap and Trade: Just to make things a bit more hairy, Obama and cronies are trying to pass this onerous bill that will increase the national debt while not curing the AGW fable one whit. It will, of course, make billionaires out of a few.

I shudder to think of what is next up in this wild world of liberal fantasies becoming true.

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