Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Backing into a Win

Let us admit to several unpalatable memes, because truth should out.

1) There is indeed a race component to the opposition to Obama, but it isn't a simple color issue at all. It is an issue born of a virulent black culture that hates America, and wishes to wreck its revenge on the white majority--think Reverend Wright--and Obama is its titular leader. To support this ideology is to support the downfall of white America.

2) The GOP has failed to grasp and hold its position over the past 9 years, and seems to be quite leaderless just now. The "Big Tent" has fractionated into its various subsets, such as moderates, social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, evangelicals, and the far right, and there doesn't appear to be a charismatic personality that can glue them back together in time for the 2010 elections.


3)The Obama Left is doing itself tremendous damage with its spendthrift legislation and government takeover policies, that may well create an effective opposition of necessity out of the fractionated GOP subsets and disaffected independents in spite of their many continuing internal squabbles.

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