Monday, January 04, 2010


Overspending Obama or OSD

We don't need BDS anymore, we have Obama Spending Derangement (OSD)

No one is excusing errors or failures of the Bush Administration, if that is what they truely are, but there comes a time when rational people must move on, and begin to focus on solving the problems of today and tomorrow. Or, if you are one to want some kind of revenge, I do not think that is worthy of discussion.

January 1, 2010, seems to be as good a demark as any. Since Obama has in one year increased the national debt by over three times that of Bush in his two terms, he now owns the record and the problem, and it is continuing upwards!. Facts is facts, hein?

Under Obama, we have placed ourselves in extreme danger of going bust financially and that is what needs massive attention if we are to pull out of this dive before hard ground stops us.

Economic projections not controlled by the Administration (directly or indirectly) place the debt at 35 Trillion dollars in 2020, even when using favorable growth numbers for the GDP over that period, and it can become far worse because of unrestricted entitlements, all as a result of Obama and Co. spending and commitments. That is over twice the GDP per year.

In my opinion this is a crisis for the nation that exceeds any other since 1812 and earlier, and it is absolutely imperative that we immediately embark on many programs directed towards curing this crisis of spending. I see no encouraging signs at all, none, that Obama even recognizes the problem adequately, since he is ploughing on with expensive legislation efforts, including Cap and Trade, Amnesty for Illegals, Obamacare, economic levelling and so on, ad nauseam!

The Mad Hatter would be envious!

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