Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Every week I get magazines in the mail, including National Review, and The Weekly Standard.  Every month I receive the National Geographic, The Economist, Smart Computing, PC World, Reader's Digest, and a number of club and association tomes. When Byte was popular some years ago, and was about an inch thick, it was perhaps the premiere sinner of the lot.

Sinner?  Yes, they all have had the sickness since their inception, but my irritation level suddenly broke through when I had to spend what seemed to be a hour to make just one magazine readable.  My complaint? Those damned cardboard inserts, either as a mailer size or even a full page, that makes it very difficult to riffle through the offerings with ease. In this instance, there were over 15 of these inserts--seemingly every other page--which is simply too much!  In great dudgeon, I tore into that mag, and removed all of those cards and cardboard pages in one sitting.

I thought about writing a complaint to the mag, but I am sure my letter woud see File 13 before anyone important read it. While my dudgeon lasted, I attacked my entire pile of new mags, and ripped that crap out of them all! Just think of the stuff still sitting in my stacks of back copies, which, in some cases, reach back several years. I know I will get time to explore that 2001 article on Tasmania I saved real soon, but, meanwhile, the thought of having to attack all those cards in the stacks stops me cold.

I say down with the mailer cards!



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