Monday, February 15, 2010


Truly Annoying Things-- II

The Next Set of Annoying and Hateful Things

Number five in my list of truly annoying things is overzealous environmentalism.  This includes attempting to save a few bugs from extinction by preventing homeowners from saving their houses from erosion, and the entire scam of Anthropogenic Global Warming or AGW.  From the small bugs to the sweeping impact of supposed fixes demanded by AGW proponents such as Al Gore, this is the most egregious con job on the public since eugenics.

The moral degeneration of our society is the next (or sixth) hateful thing.  From teen pregnancies to abortions, to unfaithful husbands to hookups, and to the blatant TV and PC porn shows, we have become hedonistic and nihilistic. This trend has been wildly supported by leftists that appear to want our society to fall apart.

In seventh place is the almost total disregard for the provisions of our Constitution on the part of the Congresses and the Presidents, both current and past.  We are in a Post-Constitutional period where any idea can be turned into law without regard to its constitutionality. This will lead us into chaos sooner or later. The abdication of our courts of their duty to preserve and protect, and to interpret and define the Constitution in favor of judicial activism is a prime cause for this situation.

The eighth place goes to the two political parties for their disregard of their duties to the public in favor of party confrontations, ideological stances that destroy bipartisanship and meaningful compromise, and the ever-widening gap between the left and the right as to the directions of the nation.  It is the far left that has wrecked our government and economy, moved away from constitutionality, and will undoubtedly wreck the military and diplomatic posture of the nation in due time.

These eight annoying and hateful situations can only be corrected by our citizens electing to office at every level very qualified conservatives that know where to steer the ship, and to keep a wary eye on them while they are in office.

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This topic is actually part and parcel of my whole blog. There must be 50 topics I have written about in my archives. They all pertain to bettering our nation and society, and reduciong the influence of the demons of destruction.

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