Thursday, March 25, 2010


Some Comments on the Day

Obamacare:  So it has almost made it into law, but with rearguard actions being initiated by both the GOP in Congress and by some 13 states to prevent it from becoming fully operative.  There is no question that some provisions of this overly expensive law are in my personal favor, but I see it as busting the nation in a matter of a few years as everyone flocks to the medical facilities for hangnails and cancer.  There must be a better way.

Israel:  I see the Obama crowd as picking fights with Israel from an excess of zeal for Palestinian ambitions.  It is playing with fire to insist on the stopping of building in the West Bank by Israel.  The time is drawing near when this will not matter as Israel will attack Iran in great force, and we will be pulled into the fight no matter what this silly President thinks our best interests are.

Oil:  After agreeing that we should exploit other forms of energy, such as solar, wind, wave, and bio, I must also say that we cannot bridge the gap between these resources and oil in just a few years.  Thus, we must continue to explore, drill and tap our own resources in oil for the coming decades, in my opinion.

Cap and Trade:  This silly dispensation trick should be stopped cold!

Amnesty:  Here we go again, voting against wishes of the majority of the people in order to gain votes for the Democrats.  The idea of Open Borders violates our sovereignty as a nation, and will lead to a very nasty transformation of our way of life. 

Rant;  I note that in each of the above cases, the common thread is violation of the will of the people. If this kind of government is what you voted for, a pox on you for helping to destroy our country.

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