Friday, February 26, 2010


Obamacare Should be Dead

A Terribly Arrogant Show by the Democrats

There are several issues with the proposed bill that do not show up in the text or are sufficiently vague, that the Republicans pointed out in huge detail.

These were:

1) Abortion funding by the feds, which is in there, that will add untold millions of deaths to the 50+ million so far;

2) adequate tort reform, which is nowhere to be found;

3) giving the states a free ride a la Nebraska's gift to the tune of 50 x 200 million dollars = $10 billion;

4) Reducing Medicaid by $500 billion without specifying how this will affect senior citizens; and,

5) disguising the actual cost rise the bill will confer on the public because of the addition of 31 million people, and not spelling out all of the assumptions given to the CBO, many of which are also chimeras.

There are more examples, but these were the ones I remember. We all know that the hope of reducing waste and fraud in Medicaid is a hopy changy chimera that will not pay off any time soon, or near the amount desired, if ever.

It is therefore highly disingenuous to tout that all of the public agrees with the bill's provisions, or lack of same, when clear suggestions have been continuously given all year by the Republicans in over 70 bills to reduce these very large impact costs drastically, but to no avail.

We do indeed need to begin all over.

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