Wednesday, May 05, 2010


An Atheist on the Supreme Court?

No Thank You!

One clear problem with putting an avowed atheist on the Supreme Court is that it an anathema to the Constitution's foundations in Natural Law, which is something that no atheist can tolerate, since Natural Law is a reflection of God's Eternal Law. No God-->no Natural Law-->no Constitution-->Inventive, Relativistic Secular Law.

Natural Law is the basis for our rights and duties in this society, and ultimately, our civil laws as well, at least in that civil laws must not be contrary to Natural Law.

Since fully 80-odd percent or more of the population believes in God and in the Constitution as based in Natural Law, putting an atheist on the Court would result in total violence to the will of the majority of our citizens, and to the Constitution itself.

Of course, it is also true that the Constitution bars the use of religion as a criteria for office. Does atheism fall into this category of religion? I thought it was a non-religion, and hence it would do no violence to the Constitution to block such an appointment using avowed atheism as the reason.

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