Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Steering Us into Chaos

A few thoughts on where the left is taking us.

Some key themes the left seems to be carrying forward are:

1) Castigating conservatives with false accusations in a constant drumbeat of slogans;
2) Castigating Constitutionalists and rightists with the meme that the Constitution is out of date, an idea that I challenge most heartedly;

3) Castigating conservative radio talk show hosts for being...themselves! and,

4) At least implicitly, riding the "man is the measure of all things" meme, or in other words, atheistic Secular Humanism, materialism and moral relativism. But, I suppose they have to believe in "something" in order to understand anything, even if that something is dead wrong.

It is amazing to me that anyone can believe in some form of benign-but-authoritative world government, a major SH and leftist tenet that includes equal and democratic shares of power for immoral or amoral governments, ruling parties and national elites. There is no common cultural, religious, political, social, economic, military or philosophical basis for such a lash up, and it would most certainly ruin the sovereignty of our nation and our way of life. So why entertain this corrosive idea?

This idea, in turn, suggests that one must have a higher allegiance than to our nation---that is, to all of unwashed mankind and their leaderships (and not to God, of course!). This is perhaps the root of the belief in open borders for the US and amnesty for illegal immigrants, which is an impending disaster if Obama has his way.

The last two world government attempts, namely The League of Nations and the United Nations, have been failures in the large--a statement that has been well-illustrated elsewhere. Promoting more of the same is sheer folly! The over 200 governments around the world, their power elites, and a majority of their people are simply too intellectually, economically, culturally, politically and morally primitive or insular, or both, to play their expected altruistic roles in democratic or republican world governance at this juncture. The UN record provides all the proof needed for this assertion. For the backward nations to learn by doing in the UN is also rediculous when so many lives are at stake worldwide.

We do need mechanisms for controlling aggression, world domination movements (think Islam), genocide, piracy, open seas violations, wanton exploitation of resources, theft, and commerce, to name a few international law needs. Most of these needs can and should be accomplished by enforceable and monitored treaties between relevant nations for now. They can be backed up by the military power of the US and allied democratic Western nations, where the notions of democratic governance and justice are culturally and politically dominant. We should not concern ourselves with events in the interior of sovereign nations, or else there is no meaning to sovereignty. If asked to help by a legitimate government, however, that is a different thing, and such requests should be carefully considered.

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