Friday, June 25, 2010



Label the Blockers you know!

I am having dangerous thoughts! They concern the legions of citizens that literally block the nation's ability to achieve and maintain a good way of life. These Blockers should be neutralized, else we will have a second-tier nation in just a few years from now.

Just think what benefits would accrue if these Blockers were no longer able to do their thing financially, judicially or legislatively: Taxes would go down; Spending would not only go down but would be far better directed; Jobs would go up as taxes go down; The national debt could be reduced; Our defenses would regain their effectiveness through bigger budgets; The size of government would go way down, since there would be fewer hires; There would be a return to fiscal sanity in the country; And dole-riders would be out of luck, among many other benefits!

In order to avoid undue criticism, I have decided not to name the Blockers here, but rather, to keep a very private list. If you are a conservative, as I am, the cast of organizations and people standing in the way of the nation's health, prosperity and longevity would be quite obvious, and quite long as well! The trick, however, is how to neutralize these damned Blockers in a legal, fair, and democratic manner. I do not have a good solution to this problem: it is so reminiscent of the solution to finding the alligators in the swamp--simply drain the swamp, and then deal with the critters lying there! Aye, there's the rub! So we drain the whole country, but we are left with the entire mixture of 300 million critters to deal with, which doesn't get us anywhere, since they are not painted red, white or blue. Most of them are very stealthy too, because they don't want to be held accountable for their sins against the people.

In the old days, when kings were kings, and everyone else was a vassal, the solution was simple and direct, sort of along the lines of what happened to the Knights Templar in France. But that seems a tad lawless and brutal today, and definitely immoral. Rounding them up and sending them to relocation camps as we did to Japanese Americans in WWII could only happen if the nation really though itself to be in mortal danger and had a president that had balls, so that is out also.

In the end, all we seem able to do is to ignore the Blockers till voting time, and only then try to vote for the Non-Blockers; that is, if you can truly identify them as Non-Blockers in the first place, which hasn't been too successful recently, witness the crowd in office now.



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