Monday, May 29, 2017


A Rant Against Progressivism


       Progressive and Liberal Goals, Directions and Achievements

This list contains the 36 most egregious recent tenets, directions, goals and achievements of modern-day Progressivism and Liberalism. There are many more that could be added, such as free college, but the entries here will do for now:

1.     Abortions---60 Million of them! This is murder, a Decalogue Sin.

2.     Same-Sex Marriage---Throughout the US, making mockery of marriage.

3.      Victimhood---Keeping the poor and disadvantaged in their places.

4.      Redistribution of Wealth---The Robin Hood Syndrome for Government.

5.      Envy of the Rich and Powerful---Equal results for all, a first-class sin: envy!

6.      Open Borders--To bring more victims into the US; including gangsters.

7.      Sanctuary Cities---Support your local Illegal Immigrant.

8.      Minimum Wage---Raise It again and again, and lose low-paying job positions.

9.      Collectivism---Socialism, leading to Communism, and then Totalitarianism.

10.  Elite Rule---First the elites, then the military, and then the rest of us.

11.  Atheism---Denial of the existence of God, wanting a godless world.

12.  Moral Relativism---Indiscrimination writ large; all ethics and moralities are equal.

13.  Political Correctness---A long list of strangling, debate-ending  taboos.

14.  Non-Enforcement of Laws---The laws they don't like are not enforced.

15.  Anthropic Global Warming (AGW)--- Poor science, scam, reaching for power.

16.   Professorships--A Liberal/Progressive lock at many universities.

17.  Saul Alinsky---Rules for radical liberals/progressives to gain power; even lying.

18.  Single-Payer Healthcare---Free healthcare for all from the Government.

19.  Obstructionism---Blocking Republican/Conservative initiatives in any way possible.

20.  Cloward-Piven---Using C-P strategy to break the US system through crises.

21.  Arrogance---Smugness to a fault; inferiority complex, false superiority complex.

22.  Verbal Verbosity---Rapid deluge of ideas, overwhelming opponents with lies.

23.  Unrealistic Ideas---Forcing people into an Inhuman "Modern Man" mold; more lies.

24.  Fallacious Logic--- 50 types of bad logic, difficult to defeat in real time; lies too.

25.  Anti-Second Amendment---Guns are evil! Ban them all, no defense at home.

26.  Anti-Death Penalty--- Bleeding hearts for murderers, traitors and rapists.

27.  Anti-Christianity---Obvious for atheists, collectivists, humanists, all Jesus Deniers.

28.  Hardened Criminals Released---Murderers and other hardened types freed.

29.  Children Raised Irresponsibly--- Humanist Ideas for communes with no parents.

30.  Media Bias---Biases against rational conservative ideas; creating lies.

31.  Gramsci---Adopting Italian communist's plan to conquer a nation for communism.

32.  Foreign Policy---Making enemies of friends---Insulting the UK, France, Italy...

33.  Foreign Policy---Trying to make friends of enemies, Russia, Iran, for example.

34.  The National Debt---Doubled in 8 years under Obama, with no attempt to reduce it.

35.  K12/College Curricula ---Tuned to liberal objectives, omitting key knowledge.

36. Multicultural Diversity--- Diversity for its own sake is simply wrong.




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