Thursday, July 14, 2016


Trump Watch

I wait to see Trump's full action plan for his presidency that uses sound Christian, conservative advice, and contains the following steps:

1) corrects Obama's entire Executive Order folio;

2) corrects thousands of objectionable, costly business and environmental regulations;

3) heals Obama breeches to the Constitution, affirms the 2nd Amendment, and halts the debit-spending trends of progressive/liberal ideologues;

4) initiates an overhaul of corporate and personal tax loads;

5) brings back large numbers of overseas business jobs to the US;

6) initiates actions to fix our national debt morass. However, he will have to preside over an inevitably forthcoming failed economy and financial ruin. He has the experience and mindset to help us recover;

7) rebuilds our armed forces to meet threats from Russia, China, North Korea and ISIS;

8) reaffirms or rebalances financially our military alliances worldwide;

9) repairs our foreign relations and corrects trade imbalances;

10) creates a market-driven health plan and dumps Obamacare;

11) solves the immigration, illegals and border leakage problems;

12) organizes an effective coalition plan to decimate Jihadists worldwide;

13) conducts a truly transparent administration, and stops the incessant Obama/Clinton spinning, lying, and hiding of unpleasant things;

14) appoints conservatives to the Supreme Court;

15) repairs our infrastructure;

16) dismantles DOE and cuts the EPA and other budgets significantly;

17) sees RvW repealed;

18) goes all out on energy production, including coal;

19) cools off the Climate Change movement, and zeros out all but research funding; and,

20) supports prosecution of Clinton.

If Trump does propose such an ambitious showdown plan against Progressivism, and he seems to be developing it, I will support him. Clinton will not follow these steps!
Trump will repeal the last 8 years of Obama.



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